Complete drive shafts

Complete GEMO drive shafts

Complete GEMO drive shafts are ready to install and consist of the shaft, casing and end fittings. The end fittings are pressed onto the end of the shaft or the shaft itself is reshaped into a square. You will find the standard versions FSW 110 and FSW 200 here.

GEMO will also produce every other possible combination, however.
GEMO will propose a tailored solution according to the information you provide. Please use the enquiry form.

As in our experience customers often require specific end fittings, we can offer to supply them. This is also an inexpensive option in conjunction with smaller quantities. GEMO also offers alternatives to expensive stainless steel products. The length is specified by the customer according to his requirements and corresponds to the total length minus the end fittings.

Komplette Wellen
Komplette Wellen
  • Type FSW 110

  • Type FSW 200

Type FSW 110 – fittings in accordance with DIN 75532 E1 (counterpart DIN 75532 E2)

Please indicate the length "L" when ordering. Measured from end to end minus the end fittings. Different combinations of shaft and casing can be supplied, depending on the application.

Komplette Welle Typ FSW110
Komplette Wellen Typ FSW110
GEMO-No. Type for shaft max. Ø mm type of casing Outside – Ø mm
256870 SL 8 3,2 mm L GAP 8 mm
255400 SL 8 4,0 mm L GAP 9 mm
291370 SL 8 6,0 mm R GAP 13 mm
260690 SL 8 7,0 mm R GAP 13 mm
358120 SL 8 8,0 mm R GP 16 mm

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