Helix Cables

Powerful yet quiet

A ray of sunshine: GEMO offers a wide range of helix cables for sliding roof operation and shading systems for glass and panorama roofs. Continuous development ensures GEMO helix cables are always state of the art, earning top marks in terms of power transmission, precision, noise emissions and, of course, quality. The industry range is manageable and thus very economic. 

All our helix cables offer smooth performance and are highly efficient and suitable for universal applications.

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Helix Cables Industry

Helix cables are used for the linear transmission of tensile and compressive forces

Two basic types are available, i.e. the core of the cable is either a flexible shaft or a wire. The selection criteria are determined by the application. 

Helix Cables Automotive 

for roof opening and shading systems

The different technical properties of the helix cables are determined by the type of core used. The core can be a flexible shaft or a wire. The helical/helix wire is identical in the standard versions.

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