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Reliable performance – throughout a car’s lifetime

Flexible shafts of GEMO are a component in comfort- and security equipment, often deeply integrated in the vehicle and account for only a fraction of a car’s purchase price. Nevertheless, they are of critical importance and must provide a reliable service. GEMO shafts withstand endless load cycles and convince not only in terms of a superior lifetime but also highest quality standards. Our products continuously evidence their quality in the realm of life time, climate and corrosion tests as well as the “Arizona dust and Powder Test”. Consequently, GEMO’s market share is high.

Lean back and relax!

With safety and precision our foremost priorities, GEMO is a partner you can rely on. Our extensive range of power seat shafts includes products for lumbar support, seat height, seatback recline, headrest and seat back adjustment. The power seat shaft is a connecting device between the motor and the drive mechanism.

There are various basic shaft types; depending on the system the shafts have to be very flexible or rigid. The way the flexible shaft behaves is dependent on the manufacturing process and flock type. To differentiate between the various shaft types, we offer a selection of flock colours.

The following applies to all shafts: uniform power transmission in both directions of rotation, torsionally stiff, speeds from 3000 to 6500 rpm. 

GEMO power seat shafts – flocked 

Flock is applied by adhesive to keep noise to a minimum and take up any play between the shaft and the casing. The flocked power seat shaft has excellent damping properties and is low in vibration.

GEMO power seat shafts – spiral flocked

Power seat shafts with spiral-type flocking are flexible. They also come in more rigid versions, depending on the demands on the system as a whole. An additional advantage is the elimination of play at the square ends that are inserted into the motor and drive mechanism. Spiral flocked shafts are able to transmit higher torques than other types.

GEMO power seat shafts – spiral flocked with overflock 

The power seat shaft with spiral flocking and overflock offers the highest quality of the versions on offer. High flexibility and elimination of play between shaft and casing and at the square ends are combined in a single shaft. 

GEMO power seat shafts – unflocked

Unflocked flexible seat adjustment shafts are a low-cost alternative to the various flocked versions. They are used when the end pieces are overmoulded. The option exists to wrap in an indicator wire to permit a differentiation between right-hand and left-hand shafts on installation. 

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GEMO-No. Type Ø [mm] Load breaking torque [Nm] ↻ breaking torque [Nm] ↺ max. torque ↻ max. torque ↺ bending radius [mm] weight [g/m]
112521 SL 8/ 371 ms 3,7 right 2,20 1,20 1,00 0,50 50 67,6
112522 SL 8/ 372 ms 3,7 left 1,20 2,20 0,50 1,00 50 67,6
111241 SL 9/ 371 3,7 right 2,80 2,00 0,80 0,80 90 68,1
111242 SL 9/ 372 3,7 left 2,00 2,80 0,80 0,80 90 68,1
111981 SL 10/ 471 4,7 right 5,50 4,50 2,50 2,50 110 (>60) 115
111982 SL 10/ 472 4,7 left 4,50 5,50 2,50 2,50 110 (>60) 115
100471 SL 8/ 601 6 right 9,00 4,50 3,00 1,50 70 163
100472 SL 8/ 602 6 left 4,50 9,00 1,50 3,00 70 163

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