outer casings

GEMO shafts need protection and guidance

GEMO protective casings combine a metal spiral with plastic or rubber or also an additional woven insert. They protect GEMO shafts from environmental influences such as dust, dirt and moisture and also offer improved guidance. Additional benefits of using a casing, which we recommend from a shaft length of 100 mm, are quieter operation and less twisting.

The casings are abrasion and temperature resistant and also resistant to many acids and lyes. The standard colour is black, with other colours available for bulk orders.

As a rule of thumb, the inner casing diameter should be 1/3 larger than the shaft diameter.

The samples presented are our common standard program. Other measurements and combinations are possible. Please send us your request and we will check if we can meet your requirements.
  • Type GAN

  • Type GAP

  • Type GRDP

  • Type GP

  • Type GUM

  • Type GMP

  • Type GPS

  • Type S

Flat wire casing (with gap), with plastic coating, mainly for speedometer cables

GEMO Wellen Schläuche
GEMO-No. Type for shaft max. Ø mm Coating Inside – Ø mm Outside- Ø mm Weight g/m
103710 GAN 40 3,2 PE black 4,00 +0,2 7,20 ±0,01 100
102120 GAN 45 3,7 PE black 4,50 +0,2 8,00 -0,2 120
505750 GAN 55 4,0 PVC black 5,50 -0,2 9,00 -0,2 180
122400 GAN 58 4,7 PE black 5,80 -0,2 9,00 -0,2 180

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