Spare parts for cars and commercial vehicles: "Quality – Made in Germany"

As a leading brand, GEMO supplies vehicle spare parts to dealers at home and abroad, with the main focus on parts for German vehicle brands. The spare parts range includes handbrake cables, clutch cables, throttle cables, bonnet cables, starter cables, heater cables, gear cables, guide cables and door openers.

GEMO continues to make classic speedometer shafts, developing innovative standards in what is overall a downward latent niche market.

The original part numbers used by carmakers are allocated for purposes of identification and comparison. The cables and shafts supplied by GEMO do not always correspond to the OEM parts, but they are guaranteed to work and often offer superior quality. 

Do you require any parts that aren't included? If so, please send us a drawing, the original part number or a sample and we will check whether we can include it in our production range.