Almost 100 years of innovation, expertise and experience

Customers across the globe place their faith in GEMO whenever power needs to be transmitted from one point to another. The brothers Max and Bruno Moritz established the company in a Berlin courtyard in 1922. It was here that Bruno Moritz invented a machine for the production of endless flexible shafts – a ground-breaking development, as until then the length of the shafts had been restricted to the length of the lathe, and thus just a few metres. GEMO was thus able to secure utility model protection for "flexible shafts in unlimited lengths" as early as 1934. In 1940 the company product range was extended to include control cables.

Owing to the occupation of Berlin, part of the company, including the headquarters, was relocated to Krefeld in the 1950s. The name GEMO has remained unchanged to this day, and with Detlev Moritz the owner-run family business is now in the third generation. GEMO now employs about 500 people at six international sites and supplies customers in the automotive sector and trade and industry across the globe. 

Premium quality – from Germany for the world

The two company founders quickly began to sell their products abroad. The order books for 1923, for example, show shipments to New York and Shanghai. The products were particularly appreciated by German entrepreneurs abroad, who were unable to source the right quality locally. After the fall of the Berlin Wall GEMO built its first production facility abroad in the Polish city of Cybinka.

Today, carmakers in particular need strong local partners in order to keep production costs down while maintaining the same high quality standards. GEMO services the Asian and NAFTA markets from its manufacturing sites in China and Mexico, though product development continues to be concentrated in Germany. This allows GEMO to supply its products at close to local prices, yet in the proverbial Germany quality, wherever they are needed across the world.

Developed in Germany, made worldwide

With six international production facilities, GEMO is ideally placed in the European, Asian and North American territories, allowing it to manufacture low-cost quality products quickly on site and deliver them to the relevant markets. At all its sites GEMO products are manufactured to in-house quality management standards under the supervision of the headquarters in Krefeld. This ensures consistent quality across the product range.

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