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Wide range of applications and custom solutions

The flexible shaft is a connecting device for radial electromechanical power transmission. A flexible shaft is made by winding several layers of high-quality spring-grade wire around a single wire, or mandrel. Each successive layer is wound onto the shaft at an opposing pitch angle.

The quality of GEMO shafts is determined by the wires used, their number and diameter, the method of winding and the annealing temperature. Properties such as flexibility, torsional stiffness, power transmission, and performance under different speeds and loads in one or both directions of rotation are influenced by the selection and adjustment of these fundamentals. The life expectancy of a GEMO shaft depends on selecting the right design. Correct installation is another key consideration. Meeting these basic prerequisites is the guarantee of long, consistent and reliable performance. GEMO shafts require no maintenance, by the way.

Our shafts are supplied cut to length or as finished, ready-to-install drive shafts consisting of shaft, protective casing and fittings. Shafts are available in various materials, such as steel/stainless steel, bronze and brass-plated wire, and diameters from 1 to 25 mm. Please contact us for other diameters or shaft attachments.



Flexible shafts from GEMO are to be found in innumerable products but usually go unnoticed by the end user. The sectors and applications are as varied as they are numerous. Examples include emergency actuation for pantographs on high-speed trains, height adjustment of feet on domestic appliances and, in medical engineering, especially flexible and high-quality brachytherapy components. Flexible shafts from GEMO are used wherever something has to be moved.



Flexible shafts and control cables from GEMO are also deployed in many automotive spare parts. Whether bonnet release cables, clutches, starter cables, heater flaps, throttle cables, speedometer shafts, headlight adjusters, handbrake cables, fuel caps, rear windows, mirrors, windows or caravan roof vents – GEMO gets things moving.